We invite you to enjoy the conference while experiencing the unique and evolving cities that are Macau & Zhuhai. Attendees can make voluntary choice to visit Macau or Zhuhai on June 23rd. The expense is RMB 338 charged by attendees. Participants who are interested in the tour can sign up on-site or click the "One-day Trip" option in the registration system.

★ROUTE 1: Macau One-day Trip

Macau is a resort city in Southern China, known for its casinos and luxury hotels. Its gaming revenue has been the world's largest since 2006, with the economy heavily dependent on gaming and tourism. According to The World Factbook, Macau has the fourth highest life expectancy in the world. Moreover, it has a very high Human Development Index, ranking 17th in the world as of 2016. Macau is among the world's richest regions and its GDP per capita by purchasing power parity was higher than that of any country in the world, according to the World Bank.


★ROUTE 2: Zhuhai-Zhongshan One-day Trip

Zhuhai is a prefecture-level city on the southern coast of Guangdong province in China. Located in the Pearl River Delta, Zhuhai borders Zhongshan to the north, and Macau to the south. Zhuhai was one of the original Special Economic Zonesestablished in the 1980s. Zhuhai is also one of China's premier tourist destinations, being called the Chinese Riviera. While the city is located in the traditionally Cantonese-speaking region of Guangdong Province, a significant portion of population is now made up of Mandarin speaking economic migrants originally from inland provinces.


 ROUTE 1【Macau One-day Trip】 

(08:00 Gather at the Hotel Lobby)

Gongbei Port ▶▶▶ Paul's Cathedral ▶▶▶ Mazu Pavilion ▶▶▶ Penha Hill (Visiting in cable car) ▶▶▶ Wang Hai Guanyin  (Visiting in cable car) ▶▶▶ Lotus Square ▶▶▶ Venetian Casino ▶▶▶ Back to Hotel

Paul's Cathedral.jpg

Ruins of St.Paul's

The Ruins of St.Paul's are the ruins of a 17th century complex in Santo Antonio, Macau, China. It includes what was originally St.Paul's College and the Church of St.Paul, also know as “Mater Dei”, a 17th century Portuguese church dedicated to Saint Paul the Apostle.

Mazu Temple

At least as old as 1488, with the present set up dating to 1828. Probable namesake of  Macao. Also known as Tianhou, Barra, Juehai or Zhongjue Temple.



Venetian Casino

A luxury hotel and casino resort in Macau, own by the American Las Vegas Sands company. The Venetian is a 39-story, casino hotel on teh Cotai Strip in Macau. The Venetian Macau is also the largest casino in the world.

 ROUTE 2【Zhuhai-Zhongshan One-day Trip】 

(08:00 Gather at the Hotel Lobby)

Shijing Mountain (Cable Car) ▶▶▶ Lover's Road & Zhuhai Fishing Girl ▶▶▶ Island Tour (one hour) ▶▶▶ Former Residence of Sun Yat-sen ▶▶▶ Rossini Horologe Museum ▶▶▶ The New Yuanming Palace (Zhuhai) ▶▶▶ Back to Hotel


Shijing Mountain Park

Established in 1987, Shijing Mountain covers an area of nearly 500,000㎡. There are cable cars to the top of the mountain where you can get a panoramic view of Zhuhai. You can also take the rail slide back down or walk down the stairs, hire boats etc.

Zhuhai Fishing Girl

The Statue of Fishing Girl of Zhuhai stands on the stone stairs in the Xianglu Bay, Zhuhai City, China. It is the landmark of Zhuhai City. The Statue of Fishing Girl is about 8.7 meters high and is made of about 70 pieces of granites.

fishing girl.jpg


Former Residence of Sun Yet-Sen

This is Dr. Sun Yat-sen's former residence at 93 Cuiheng Ave, Zhongshan Shi, Guangdong Province. It is now converted into a museum. Sun Yat-sen is known as the father of modern China.

  • Sign up: 

    1. Sign up at hotel’s reception desk;

    2. Click the one-day trip option in the online registration system

  • Notice:

1.    For foreign travellers: you need to apply for multiple entry visas (One for Zhuhai, one for Macau) unless you will take a flight to leave from Macau airport after this trip.

2. For native travellers: you need to apply for a Hong Kong and Macau Pass in advance.

[Remark: Visitors may sign up for this trip on a voluntary basis, the organizer is not liable for this trip. Local cooperative travel agency is responsible for this trip.]

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